Welcome to The Mall


  • Move: arrows/WSAD
  • Interact: "A"/Z/Alt
  • "Start": Enter

Move to people or objects and press button to interact (some objects automatically interact upon approaching) walk up onto a bench to sit down! Walk around, explore, take your time, this mall has absolutely no zombies!

Enjoy this demo, new versions will be uploaded when new locations are added or major bugs are found and fixed.

Made with GB Studio, which is a great program I highly recommend.

Current Version

Demo V: 3.0 - 2019.07.19
Two new locations, and some changes to old ones!

  • Doodad's Electronics (with lots of stuff and NPCs)
  • The Patio (with not much)
  • New three-part mall hub (with more stuff per part)
  • Mall Directory (it's on the starting section)
  • Enhanced restroom design and functionality
  • All stock art test characters replaced with real characters
  • Non-functional hot dog seller
  • Maintain X position while moving between hub sections
  • Behind-the-scenes changes that function the same as before, but more efficient

Development log


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Hope to see more extension to the mall!

Quite fun to explore, I like it!

Getting some highly distracting 8-bit crackling, you may want to check the audio-routines.

Unfortunately that would be an issue with the engine that I cannot fix.

Are you playing on mobile? That's the only time I've encountered it.

It also happens if you lose focus on the screen. It's an engine issue.